Two Pinellas Towns Named Among Florida’s Most ‘Charming’

When the folks at the website decided to write about Florida’s most “Beautiful, Charming Small Towns,” they didn’t fail to mention the Tampa Bay area.

Two towns in particular made the list of eight – Tarpon Springs and Dunedin. The list represents the website’s pick of towns that are representative of the “charm of Old Florida.”

“Historic buildings, antique stores, and a gorgeous waterfront make this a perfect vacation spot,” the website noted about Tarpon Springs.

The city seems pleased with the No. 4 plug. It took to its Facebook page to announce its ranking while asking fans to share their favorite photos taken around town.

Nearby Dunedin came in eighth placed on the list. OnlyInYourState pointed to the city’s Scottish roots, its Mardi Gras celebration and Dunedin Brewery as some of the high points that make the town so special.

Writers didn’t elaborate on criteria used in the selections. Apalachicola was named to the No. 1 spot.

The Best Invention to Ever Come Out of Florida is No Shocker

America was founded on the principle of fresh ideas, so it’s no surprise that many of the world’s most important innovations and inventions of the last few hundred years were born here. But what exactly does Florida have to offer in the annals of invention?

Air conditioning…

While the large-scale electrical air conditioning that enabled the great migration to the Sun Belt didn’t take off until the early 20th Century, it was the “cooling system” developed by Apalachicola scientist John Gorrie that paved the way. His unique and somewhat primitive system of blowing air against ice cold cloths was even used as a treatment for a dying President Garfield in 1881.