Florida Orchestra Pops: Holiday Pops

Dec. 10, 2016 – Dec. 16, 2017

Share the orchestra’s tradition with family and friends, and get into the spirit of the season with everyone’s favorite Christmas carols, yuletide tunes, musical chestnuts and more. Two shows take place at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. on December 16 at the Mahaffey Theater in St. Pete.



Check Your Ticketmaster Account Because You May Have Some Free Tickets

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice surprise every now and again? Well, if you’ve used the event ticketing service Ticketmaster at some point in the last ten years, you could be in for a huge surprise today. The company settled a $400 million class action lawsuit over its exorbitant fees after a protracted legal spat just last month. Rather than pay out affected customers in the form of cold hard cash however, Ticketmaster has elected to compensate them in the form of discount codes and vouchers.

What that means is if you log into your Ticketmaster account today and click on the “Active Vouchers” tab, you might just find a whole series of codes granting you free passes or discounts to upcoming events. I’ve personally used Ticketmaster quite frequently over the years and found seven offer codes to free shows in the future. They’re only free in the sense that I don’t have to pay for them, and Ticketmaster already got my money when I sprung for those KanyeWest tickets a couple years back. But I’m not about to shake my fist at the opportunity to catch some shows without having to go out-of-pocket again in the future.

The settled lawsuit is purported to affect about 50 million people that purchased tickets on Ticketmaster between the span of October 21, 1999 and February 27, 2013. The list of eligible shows that are open for you to redeem your promo codes is currently dead, but will hopefully be up and running soon. Keep checking back, and let us know who you intend on catching live when it does.

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Keeps Playing After Breaking His Leg During Show

“I think I really broke my leg”

The Foo Fighters’ June 12 show in Sweden didn’t go quite as planned: Dave Grohl broke his leg after falling during a song and had to leave, according to a fan-shot video from the show.

In the video, Grohl’s spirits seem to be up despite his injury: “I think Ireally broke my leg,” he tells the audience before promising to come back after first making a stop at the hospital. And apparently he made good on his promise: Some Reddit users posted photos of Grohl sitting on a chair with his leg bandaged up, strumming on his guitar.

The Foo Fighters’ next show is scheduled for Sunday in the Netherlands, and haven’t announced any plans to reschedule.