5 Yoga Poses to Help You Sleep Better Tonight

While a busy day may likely have you dreaming of bedtime, you might find yourself struggling to actually doze off once you finally get in bed. Although it might seem counterintuitive to get out of bed and get moving, the perfect fix to unwanted restlessness could be a bit of restorative yoga.

Performing the following 5-pose yoga sequence before bed and holding each pose for about 2-5 minutes can help your body unwind, de-stress and ultimately achieve a restful sleep.

Standing Forward Bend Pose

To perform Standing Forward Bend pose, or Uttanasana, stand with your feet several inches apart and gently reach down towards your toes. If necessary, you can bend your knees while reaching down to make the pose more comfortable. The key here is to feel a release of tension in your back, legs and hips. Performed properly, this pose will have a calming effect on the brain, alleviating stress and helping you relax.

Child’s Pose

Moving onto Child’s Pose, or Balasana, gently kneel on the floor and sit on your heels. Keeping your feet together but spreading your knees hip width apart, slowly bend your torso forward to rest it along your thighs. Extend your arms forward as you rest your forehead on the ground and release tension throughout the body.

Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

The Legs-Up-the-Wall pose, or Viparita Karani, is pretty much what it sounds like. With your back on the floor, slowly lift your legs and rest them vertically along the wall. The pose improves circulation by allowing the blood to travel down through your legs and make its way back to your heart. That, in turn, has an overall soothing effect on your body. 

Happy Baby Pose

Keeping your back on the floor, gently pull in your knees to transition into a Happy Baby Pose, or Ananda Balasana. Reach out your hands to grab the outside of your feet, and then gently open your knees wider than your torso while pushing feet towards the ceiling. As you push your feet upwards, create resistance by pulling back down on them with your hands. Breathe deeply while holding the pose to release tension and relax the body.

Corpse Pose

To complete the sequence, gently release your legs and extend them on the ground. Lying with your hands by your side and your body stretched out along the floor, hold the Corpse Pose, or Savasana, for several minutes as you clear your mind and focus your attention on breathing and overcome what’s left of your restlessness.


Properly Deal With Nervousness

Anxiety can be a really big nuisance, specially when you are already pressured with maintaining up with everything else you have to offer with in existence. If you feel your life could use some aid from nervousness then this article and the tips within can support. There is a way to get rid of anxiety, you just have to know how.

Appropriate respiration is crucial to reducing sudden feelings of anxiety. Employing a rely to manage your respiratory can be an effective way to decrease nervous inner thoughts. Choose a depend, this sort of as 3 in, and 3 out. Repeat this sample, right up until the thoughts of nervousness have fixed, and passed.

Anxiousness is detrimental to your well being and your normal overall health schedule need to usually contain methods to decrease your everyday dose of nervous feelings. Established aside a couple of minutes each day that can be used to consider care of your very own nicely-becoming. The emphasis of this time should be undertaking one thing that gives you joy.

Remove unfavorable vocabulary from your speech. Just making use of unfavorable words, can deliver you down and when you truly feel down, you are a lot more probably to have an anxiousness assault. Change individuals negative words with words of encouragement or simple constructive phrases. Use them in your conversations, as properly as, your inner chatter.

Being energetic with exercise of some sort will aid to melt away off energy that your physique would set to use to feed your stress. Get out for a walk, consider a swim or just take up aerobics or yoga for optimistic bodily exercise. Anything that will really feel very good as you do it and burn strength is heading to help alleviate your anxiety.

You want to locate someone you can speak to about every thing. You will be in a position to speak via your inner thoughts of anxiety with this man or woman. Obtaining a person you have confidence in to confide in can really make a large variation. When you lock these thoughts inside, you boost the possibilities of an stress attack.

Keep oneself as occupied as achievable at all instances. When you have down time, it will be less complicated for your head to emphasis on unfavorable things and will, as a result, gas anxiousness. Begin your working day out by cleaning the residence, working in the backyard, looking through a book or undertaking some other action that you appreciate.

Physical exercise is one of the very best factors that you can do to help eradicate any anxiety that you come to feel. When you exercising, your human body flushes out all of the toxic compounds from the within out, which can boost your physique functionality. Exercise at minimum a single hour for every working day to increase the way that you come to feel.

1 of the biggest triggers for anxiousness is caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant. Not only does it encourage your body, but it also stimulate pressure hormones as effectively. If you want to get rid of nervousness from your existence, you need to have to begin with the removal of all caffeine from your diet plan.

You need to try out to add some deep respiration strategies to your daily routine, if you are struggling from feelings of stress. If you breathe from the diaphragm, it brings oxygen to your blood and that will assist you to unwind appropriate absent. Any time that you come to feel overwhelmed, you must just take a moment to do this.

When you are obtaining an stress assault, it is a very good idea to splash your confront with chilly water. Many men and women have read this, but they may possibly not do it simply because they believe that it is not going to actually support them. Actually, it causes what is acknowledged as a dive reflex, and it sends a concept to your brain to explain to your physique to gradual down.

Physical exercise is a excellent way to decrease your anxiousness. When you function up a sweat at the health club or outdoors you just come to feel much better about oneself. The more you get in shape, the less stress you happen to be susceptible to have as well. Check with with a physician to see if your entire body can get some exercise, and then, get to it.

At instances you will find oneself in various positions for the duration of a stress attack. If you have an nervousness assault, do whatever you can do in buy to preserve you distracted. Rely down from 100, do math troubles in your head, talk about good occasions you’ve experienced lately, and anything at all else that you can believe of that could distract you in a positive method.

What is the 1 thing that will eventually preserve anxiousness absent from you for excellent? When you suffer from stress, laughter or a smile can make a big big difference in your working day. Get a search all around and locate all these things that you can be grateful and cheerful to have in your daily life. When you are in the midst of an anxiousness attack, feel of something funny, this kind of as a joke or circumstance.

Rite Pharmacy reviews Do not strategy life or problems as a black-or-white circumstance. The entire world is awash with shades of gray. When you comprehend that the worst-scenario situation is not the only end result for a problem, you can comprehend that you have options to resolve the problem. Management your contemplating by not working in absolutes.

A great deal of men and women that are shy deal with anxiousness. Standard bodily exertion and deep respiration tactics may possibly be effective in aiding men and women deal with stress in a healthier way.

Make positive to get eight hrs of rest every night time if you happen to be vulnerable to nervousness attacks. Lack of sleep is a massive trigger of generating people anxious, make confident you get ample rest every day. When you don’t get ample slumber, it is even possible for your anxieties to trigger actual physical discomfort. You need to purpose for at minimum 7 hours of slumber each night.

Anxiety isn’t going to have to bug you day and night anymore, you can be by yourself once again and target on a lot more important items in life rather then managing your anxiousness. You now have the knowledge to get rid of stress in your existence, just remain sturdy and apply what you’ve got discovered right now and the stress will depart, but only if you want it to.

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3 Must-Follow Tips if You Sleep on Your Back

While sleeping on your back may not necessarily be the healthiest position to doze off, it is still a go-to for many come the end of the day. But when it comes to improving the quality of your sleep, one of the most important things that you can do is cater some of your bedtime habits to your sleeping position of choice, and that’s certainly the case for back sleepers. If you’re someone who tends to fall asleep while lying on their back, make sure that you’re keeping your wellness in check while clocking your hours of shuteye by following these three tips from Dr. Michelle Robin, chiropractor and the founder of Your Wellness Connection.

Put a pillow under your knees.

“Being completely flat on the bed can put stress on your lower back because it doesn’t get it’s natural curve,” says Dr. Robin. “That could lead you to waking up in pain.” Slipping a thin pillow beneath the back of your knees helps imitate the curve of your spine to make sure that you don’t wake up feeling any pain.

Keep your arms down at your sides.

In order to help make sure that you don’t put any unnecessary stress on your body, it’s important to make sure that you keep your arms beside your body while sleeping on your back. “Many back sleepers put their arms up under their head or under their pillow,” says Dr. Robin, “but that stresses all the joints in the arms and throws the back out of alignment. Make sure you keep your arms down.”

Use a supportive pillow.

“It is important to keep your neck and head supported throughout the night, even as your muscles relax and you are no longer holding your head up,” says Dr. Robin. “Use a supportive pillow that your neck can rest on while still keeping its curve.” This is important for a few reasons, including the fact that it helps regulate your breathing and also prevents things like mid-sleep acid reflux.


7 Reasons Having a Dog Will Improve Your Health, According to Science

There are plenty of reasons that you may want a dog, from those cute plaid puppy sweaters to the afternoon games of fetch at the park. But, according to science, there are just as many reasons that you should get a dog as there are reasons to want one. Check out seven of the biggest reasons that you ought to add a furry canine companion to your family.

1. They Will Boost Your Heart Health

Having a pup in your life is sure to make your heart feel full, but it’s also going to help keep your heart in tip-top shape. The American Heart Association has found connections between having a dog and experiencing heart-healthy benefits, like lower blood pressure and healthy cholesterol levels.

2. They’ll Help You Lose Weight

A healthy weight may start in the kitchen, but studies show that there’s a big chance it ends in the dog park. Whether it’s through playing a game of frisbee or fetch, or just going for a walk with your pooch, research shows that having a dog helps boost physical activity on a regular basis, which could lead to more calorie burn and better weight maintenance.

3. They’ll Lower Your Stress Levels

Spending quality time with your dog, be it playing outside or cuddling up on the couch during a Netflix binge, has been found to boost the brain’s production of the feel-good hormone oxytocin. This in turns helps minimize feelings of stress and boost feelings of happiness.

4. They Can Detect Diseases

While it’s no secret that dog’s sense of smell is far from weak, canine’s have a talent for sniffing out a lot more than lunch. Studies have found that, in addition to service dogs that can help people like epileptics know when a seizure is coming, dogs can actually be trained to detect cancer using things like breath and urine odor.

5. They Reduce Feelings of Loneliness

If you’ve ever suffered from feelings of isolation, dogs may be the secret to alleviation. Studies have found that having a dog can not only increase a person’s sense of belonging, but may also increase self-esteem and help people cope with social rejection better than those who don’t have a pup to come home to.

6. They Could Prevent Allergies

That’s not to say that keeping a pup nearby is necessarily going to stop you from sneezing up a storm at the start of spring, but science does suggest that growing up with a dog can make children less likely to develop allergies into adulthood. This is because when kids are exposed to common allergens growing up – i.e. their pet – they are less likely to be affected by things like asthma or animal allergies when they get older.

7. They Minimize Workday Stress

If you’ve got a dog-friendly office, then you’re in luck: research shows that dog owners who actually bring their pooch to work with them tend to feel less bogged down by work stress throughout the day.

A Manageable Detox For Fall

Summer’s warm flurry of activity often means more time vacationing, relaxing, and celebrating with friends and family. And often, those celebrations include lots of cocktails, desserts, restaurant meals, and other foods you wouldn’t typically consume on your normal healthy eating plan. And even though we normally plan our major detoxes or cleanses for spring, summer’s debauchery proves that fall is the perfect time to detox. 

Not convinced that you need to give your body a good internal scrub? Common signs that your body is actually crying out for a good detox include constipation, bloating, gas, skin problems, food cravings, bad breath, low energy, and even mood swings. So, in taking a page from Ayurvedic Medicine, which encourages detoxifying around seasonal transition point, I highly recommend pressing the reset button this season. Here’s how to do it:

Dietary changes

Without a doubt, what we eat — or don’t eat — on a daily basis directly impacts the toxic load of our bodies. And while fall basically equates to all-pumpkin everything, I would skip the overly sweet and heavily processed pumpkin-flavored treats and stick with the real thing.

Pumpkin is not just in season, but it’s also a fall superfood loaded with fiber that will keep things moving and, thus, prevent toxic buildup. And don’t forget to eat plenty of pumpkin seeds, too, as they are loaded with zinc and magnesium, which research has shown can help to reduce the heavy metals absorbed by your body and also prevent constipation.

Replacing processed foods with seasonal whole foods like pumpkin is a great way to help your body detoxify this fall (cabbage, cranberries, apples, and squash are other great choices). Plus, eating seasonally and shopping at farmer’s markets is even better for your body, as locally grown, organic produce doesn’t suffer from nutrient-’reducing transit time to get to your shopping bag and, as a result, is richer in detox-enhancing vitamins and minerals.

Homemade Detox Drinks

Once you have your fall detox diet on track by loading up on seasonal whole foods, you’ll want to add in some daily beverages that further encourage internal cleansing. And making your own detox drinks at home is easy if you have some key ingredients on hand. Apple cider vinegar is a top pick because it’s loaded with helpful bacteria and enzymes that promote detoxification, and it’s a key ingredient in my Secret Detox Drink. I recommend consuming this at least once daily, and if you’re looking to mix things up, dandelion tea is another excellent cleanser that contains nutrients that aid in liver detoxification.

Bone Broth Fast

I highly recommend bone broth on a daily basis for its detoxifying as well as gut-healing properties. And if you want to ramp up your detox efforts, you may want to try a bone broth fastto more thoroughly cleanse the liver (our #1 detox organ!) and digestive system.

Typically, I recommend a 3-4 day bone broth fast to quickly increase your internal supply of the antioxidant glutathione, which is one of the body’s most effective detoxifying agents. During this fasting period, you’ll want to consume 3-4 quarts of high quality bone broth each day — which ideally means making it yourself to ensure it doesn’t contain any harmful fillers or preservatives that can negate any cleansing efforts. If you find that you’re still hungry, steamed, non-starchy vegetables can be added, but you’ll want to stay away from starchy veggies, grains, fruits, and anything else that turns to sugar in the body.

A few days of fasting like this can help to kill excess bad bacteria in the gut while also helping it to repopulate with beneficial bacteria. If you’ve been struggling with symptoms of a leaky gut, a bone broth fast can be especially helpful in sealing the intestinal lining and beginning to heal.

Epsom Salt Baths

A successful detox includes not only what you put into your body, but also what you do with your body. In addition to regular exercise, finding time for stress relieving activities on a daily basis is key to a well-rounded and effective fall detox. Epsom salt baths can not only reduce stress and increase magnesium levels (many people are deficient), but they are also highly detoxifying. Human skin is extremely porous, so when you add Epsom salt to your bath, the salt’s magnesium and sulfate actually help to pull harmful toxins out of the body.

For a rejuvenating detox bath, add at least two cups of Epsom salt to warm bathwater and soak for 40 minutes (the first 20 are for toxin removal while the last 20 allow your body to absorb the minerals in the water). Don’t forget to drink water before, during and after the bath to avoid dehydration and boost detoxification.


Some supplements that are especially known for encouraging detoxification include milk thistle and burdock root. Milk thistle is an herb that has been shown to reduce liver damage resulting from pollutants, heavy metals, prescription medications, and antibiotics. And a component of milk thistle called silymarin has even been shown to behave as a “toxin blockade agent” that prevents toxins from attaching themselves to liver cell receptors.”

Burdock root, meanwhile, is a detoxifying herb known traditionally for its ability to purify the blood and remove heavy metals from the body. It also helps to strengthen the lymphatic system (our internal drainage system).

During a short-term fall detox (3-4 weeks), the recommended daily intake of milk thistle is 150 milligrams, 1-3 times daily, and a typical dosage of burdock root is 2-4 milliliters of tincture, or 1-2 grams of powdered dry root, three times per day. Burdock root isn’t always easy to find fresh, but it can also be eaten raw or cooked as part of a fall detox.


From Dr. Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS.



6 Things You Can Do to Help You Bounce Back from a Creative Block at Work

Getting in a creative block at work can happen to the best of us. You might have just had a super productive week, and then you hit a wall. This can be extremely frustrating if you need to get things done, but don’t feel like you have the motivation or inspiration to get the tasks done and completed on time. The next time this happens to you, take a deep breath, and try out some of these easy ways to get yourself back into the creative-flow of things.

Take the pressure off yourself.

Many of us tend to be too hard on ourselves. In reality, if you’re trying your best, that’s all you can do. It’s ok to accept to yourself that yes, you’re in a “slump” right now, but yes, you will get out of it! The first step to getting out of the creative slump is just accepting that you are in one.

Find a new space.

Whether you work from home or in an office, relocating to a new space might be a good way to spark up some new ideas. Try sitting in a different area of the office (if possible), or if you’re at home, relocate to a new room for the day, and see how you like it. For all you know, a new environment be exactly what you need. If relocating isn’t an option, try decluttering your workspace. A cleaner space means a clearer mind.

Get away for a bit.

It is okay to take a break from it all if that’s what your head is telling you. Sitting around and thinking about how you have no motivation won’t help, so if you have a few extra days, use one! This could help clear your mental space and put you in a much better position for when you get back from your mini-vacay (even if it was only for a day!)

Write down some goals.

Another way to get your mind off the negative place your head may be at is to write down your goals. Writing something down physically on pen and paper could help you realize what you need to accomplish, prioritize it, and hopefully help you realize that you can get the things don you need to if you take things one at a time!

Take a walk.

Getting some exercise is important all the time, but especially if you’re feeling creatively stumped. Exercising releases some endorphins which put you in a better mood, and can therefore help you get more motivated and productive! So try to get outside (soak in the vitamin D), and get moving!

Get back into it.

After taking a few steps back from work and reevaluating where you’re at, an important step is to just get back into it. It’s the hardest step, but taking that first step back in the door and embracing the challenges you have at hand may put your creative block into perspective and have you realize you can overcome!



New Tampa Bay Rays Stadium Site May ‘Rays-Up” in Tampa’s Channel District

Officials may have found a new Tampa Bay Rays ballpark site in Hillsborough County, but the team’s timing on a decision for a new ballpark is reportedly hinging on a few factors.

For their effort to replace Tropicana Field with a modern new facility, the Rays have been canvassing their site options in both Pinellas County and Hillsborough County. Hillsborough County, which includes Tampa, is believed to be zeroing in on the Channel District-Ybor City area as the site of a new facility.

No final decision on a preferred ballpark site has been made by the Rays, and other contenders could be in the mix, but the Channel District-Ybor City area does offer a few points of intrigue. A ballpark at this location would not only put the Rays in an urban environment, but allow additional development opportunities to take place, following the recent trend that has unfolded at major league facilities such as Atlanta’s SunTrust Park. Downtown Tampa is already undergoing a huge transformation thanks to big investments from Jeff Vinik, owner of the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning, both in terms of arena upgrades, business investments and real-estate development.

Hillsborough County Commissioner Ken Hagan is cautioning that plenty of things will need to happen for Hillsborough County to land the team, but adds that the county sees an opportunity for the area. More from The Tampa Bay Times:

The officials are narrowing in on the Channel District-Ybor City area and have approached landowners about an option agreement that would secure the rights to those parcels if the Rays chose to move.

There are still moving pieces, Hagan cautioned, but “that fits perfectly in our belief that the ballpark needs to be in an urban environment. It also aligns with many of the Ray’s guiding principles for their next ballpark.”

“Our outside counsel has repeatedly said the next step is to get site control,” Hagan said. “Once we have site control we can go public and hope to have that earnest dialogue on the location and get the community feedback on the possibilities that exist there.”

The area south and east of a roundabout off Nuccio Parkway not far from the gates of Ybor City “has received a lot of attention,” Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn said, “and I think it’s appropriate.” He wouldn’t say it was the leading site, adding there were “other potential parcels,” but said it’s walkability to downtown, space for parking and access to the TECO streetcar line are an advantage.

One factor for the Rays is apparently the current mayoral campaign in St. Petersburg, which includes incumbent Rick Kriseman as well as former mayor Rick Baker. Should Kriseman, Baker, or any other candidate in the field fail to secure at least 50 percent of the vote during the August 29 election, the top two candidates with participate in a November run-off.

Though the Rays have maintained that they have a good relationship with both Kriseman and Baker, the team apparently does not want to be seen an affecting the outcome of the election by announcing a decision by making any announcements before the election it has concluded. More from The Tampa Bay Times:

If the Rays make an announcement in a way that’s perceived to help or hurt Kriseman or Baker, it could hamper negotiations in Kriseman’s second term or Baker’s new administration.

Rays principal owner Stuart Sternberg told the Tampa Bay Times in July that he didn’t think the outcome of the race would affect the team’s pursuit of a new ballpark.

“We’ve worked with both the mayoral candidates in the past and we’ve had good experiences with both of them at times, so that all remains to be seen,” Sternberg said.

The team has privately told Hagan the same, noting that the agreement with St. Petersburg runs until January 2019. Even if Baker opposes the Rays leaving St. Petersburg, they don’t think he can stop it, Hagan said.

In early 2016, the City of St. Petersburg signed off on an agreement that would allow the Rays to expand their search for a new ballpark. That agreement is good for three years, before it expires in early 2019.

Say What? St. Petersburg Bowl Renamed Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl…

In a possible attempt to go down in history among the worst bowl names, the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl has been renamed the Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl, reports college football reporter Brett McMurphy.

The game will remain in St. Petersburg, according to the report, and is scheduled to be played at Tropicana Field on Dec. 21 featuring teams from the American Athletic, Atlantic Coast Conference or Conference USA.

A previous name of the St. Petersburg was the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl.

The sponsorship by Bad Boy Mowers is interesting as Tropiciana Field is equipped with Shaw Sports Turf and has never had natural grass installed in the facility.

Gasparilla is an annual pirate festival that has been held in Tampa for the past century.

Bad Boy Movers, based in Batesville, Arkansas, is also the new title sponsor for the Battle 4 Atlantis college basketball tournament in the Bahamas.

Can’t stop, won’t stop for Bad Boy Mowers.

Exercising In The Scorching Florida Heat May Not Be Giving You The Benefits You Think It Is

Are you slogging through your workouts in these dog days of summer in the hopes that all of this hot-weather exercise will earn you extra fitness points come fall? You may be in for a sad surprise. A new study found that exercising in the heat may not be giving you the benefits you think it is. In fact, you may be better off moving your workouts indoors until those temps come back down.

Researchers at the University of Nebraska at Omaha looked at the overall effect of exercise in different temperatures to get a better idea of how the body responds to workouts in various temperatures. They focused on the mitochondria (if you remember from high school biology, mitochondria are the powerhouses of cells; the energy needed by every cell in your body is produced in the mitochondria.)

For the study, which was notably small, researchers recruited 36 participants and took tissue samples before and after their workouts in hot (91 degrees Fahrenheit), cold (44 degrees F), and temperate conditions (68 degrees F). Their initial results showed that when exercisers did their workouts in the heat, there was no development in the mitochondria.

“In fact, the response [in heat is] about the same as if no exercise had occurred,” lead researcher Dustin Slivka, director of the Exercise Physiology Laboratory at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, said in an interview with the Huffington Post.

It’s important to point out that these results were compiled after just one workout. Researchers are planning to continue tracking the exercisers to see if a period of heat acclimation might show more promising results in the mitochondria. They hope to publish their research in 18 months, after they’ve had time to follow the participants for longer periods of time working out at various temperatures.

But at the moment, they noted that exercising in cool or room temperatures might just be more effective than working out in the heat.

Should you use this study as an exercise to table your workouts until the fall? Nope. But if you are melting in the heat, you might consider this verification that it’s time to move your next workout indoors.

This Fitness App Plays Music That Changes Pace When You Do

Co-creator and co-founder of Google Maps, Lars Rasmussen and Elomida Visviki have recently launched a new music app Weav Music and fitness app Weav Run built on the progression of adaptive music.

Lars and Elomida have made technological advancements that will pair music to match your speed and steps while running. This goes further than the classic algorithm and genius technology because each song changes pace as you do, matching cadences and steps. Each song then acts as a motivational tool to push you forward and make runners reach new heights and increase their abilities. The songs will continuously change tempos to real-time making sure you are always on beat.

Weav Music has made partnerships with Sony Music, Warner Music, and many of their affiliated labels. Universal Music Group has given them permission to “experiment” with songs from their catalog to have a large and diverse choice of tracks for the listeners using Weav Run.

The creators say this is just the beginning of hyper music adaptation, and will soon become a part of video games, virtual reality, meditation, and dance apps. Having the ability to go from 60 to 240 bpm will give musicians more room to blend genres and sounds into each individual track, which could and will probably make a new genre of recorded music.

For those that love to run and jam, make sure to be apart of the high intelligent and groundbreaking app Weav Run, which is now available and can be downloaded for immediate use.