Twitter Adds New Photo Filters to Mobile Apps

Social networking platform Twitter has just recently added filter options for photos uploaded with tweets. The new photo filters can be accessed by double-tapping the thumbnail of the photo: multiple filters are offered, and each can be adjusted to increase or decrease intensity. Twitter’s new feature tags along on the photo-editing app craze, which includes the likes of the photo-sharing app, Instagram. Simply download the latest Twitter app for iOS and Android to attain and enjoy.

The Bigger Picture, Fanciful Depictions of the Area Outside the Margins of Iconic Album Covers

In The Bigger Picture, web design company Aptitude imagines what exists just outside the margins of some of popular music’s most iconic covers, from Michael Jackson to Adele.

In this digital age, buying an album has become less about buying a physical package to buying a digital version out of convenience. So in honour of a once coveted industry standard, we take a look at some of the most iconic album covers over the years and put our own spin on them by revealing ‘the bigger picture’.

album-1 album-2 album-3

PIXPRO SP360, A New Action Camera by Kodak That Captures High-Definition Video in 360 Degrees

PIXPRO SP360 is a new portable, splash-proof action camera by Kodak that is capable of shooting full HD 1080p video in 360 degrees. The camera’s “fully immersive images” come in a number of viewing angles, including the 212-degree Front, the 180-degree front-and-rear view Split, the 214-degree Dome, and the 360-degree Sphere. Kodak has posted several videos shot on the wireless and NFC-enabled camcorder.

[youtube id=”dItRHmvbSjI” width=”600″ height=”350″]

[youtube id=”p9Bgsex2aX0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]