KFC’s New Chicken-Pizza, The Chizza, Could Come To A Chain Near You

To set things straight, KFC‘s “The Chizza” isn’t something new. It actually debuted in the Philippines around 2015 and has been making rounds in the Asian fast food circles ever since. However, the popular food chain seems to be making a push for the chicken-pizza hybrid globally as it will now be available in Singapore.

To heighten the buzz, KFC’s Singapore social media accounts teased the menu item, resulting in a frenzy of responses that either loved or hated it. For the curious, “The Chizza” is actually made with a KFC fried chicken slathered in pizza sauce. Then there’s pieces of ham, mozzarella, and the brand’s own “KFC Cheese Sauce.” Also, it looks like pineapple chunks as toppings seem to be the default item when you order, but regular pepperoni could be out there too.

No word yet on when “The Chizza” will come Stateside or other places around the globe, but if you’re adventurous and in an Asian country at the moment, make sure to hit up a KFC near you.

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