Rays’ Pitcher Chris Archer Shows Talent For TV in Wild-Card Game

Chris Archer is one of the better interviews in baseball. So it was no surprise to see him perform so well Tuesday as a guest of the ESPN broadcast team that worked the American League wild card game at Yankees Stadium.

Archer, who played in his first All-Star game this season, obviously would rather have been participating in the postseason for the second time in his young career, but the year didn’t go the way he and his Tampa Rays teammates wanted it to.

Instead of going to sit on the beach somewhere or heading to the nearest golf course, the 27-year-old decided to challenge himself by diving into the broadcast side of the game. He clearly demonstrated a knack for talking about the game in ways that fans could easily follow and he likely has a future in broadcasting if he chooses to continue down this road as his career progresses.

He also might have the best hair of any baseball broadcaster.

One of the best parts of his day participating in the coverage came before the game when viewers took note of the absence of socks with his suit and tie.

Socks or sans socks, we’re looking forward to Archer continuing to develop his hidden talent as a broadcaster. He’s off to a solid start.

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