Apple Just Launched a New Website to Teach You How to Take Better iPhone Photos

Apple just launched a website that features a series of videos teaching users how to take the best photos using their iPhone. Full of informative tips and tricks, the site offers advice on how to capture action photos, low-light photos, unique angles, a backlit photo and much more. With a ton of scenarios, you’ll surely learn a tip or two on how to improve those Instagram shots. Check out the full site here.

Here’s Every New Emoji Available on Your iPhone and How to Get Them

Apple launched the iOS 10.2 software update yesterday, and with it came a whole heap of fresh new emoji including rashers of bacon, a gorilla, and yes, finally, an avocado.

The new iPhone emoji keyboard will also now feature new professions, like teacher, astronaut, scientist, and firefighter, for instance, as well as updated people and facial expressions like a pregnant woman, and a queazy, green smiley depicting illness. Meanwhile, fans of emoji sexting will be pleased to see the peach remains very much butt-like.

One of our early favorites sees a regular smiley given a Pinocchio-like nose to a slightly disturbing effect, but cute ones like an owl, a butterfly and a fox help brighten things up again.

Check out the new emoji above, then here’s how to download and install the update:

1. Back up your iPhone before installing the new software. To do this, navigate to Settings > iCloud > Backup > Back Up Now. You can also connect your iPhone to iTunes on your computer via its charging cable to manually back up your phone.
2.After backing up, open Settings.
3. Tap General.
4. Choose the Software Update option.
5. Make sure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi.
6. Tap the Download and Install button to begin the process.

Apple Will Unveil the New Smaller iPhone & New iPads on March 21

Just days after the initial expected date, it looks like according to the latest rumors Apple will actually be presenting its latest range of devices on March 21. There are several interesting new products to be unveiled at the event. Most anticipated is for sure the rumored 4-inch iPhone (also called iPhone SE), a 9.7-inch iPad Pro and also a fresh round of Apple Watch straps. Stay tuned for more information around the event in the coming weeks.

New iPhone 6S To Have ‘3D Touch Display’

With the next big Apple event only days away, the rumors and expectations are increasing daily with new bits and pieces of information releasing. The event seems to be focussed on the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, as well as a new version of Apple TV. Latest rumors that came out this weekend are stating that one of the flagship features of the new iPhone 6S will be a so-called “3D Touch Display.” The display technology is basically the next version of the brand’s Force Touch technology, which was first introduces in the latest MacBook trackpads and the Apple Watch. Rather than just sensing two levels of pressure like the Apple Watch, the new smartphone apparently senses three levels of pressure: a tap, a press, and a deeper press. The new technology allows for completely new functionality, including shortcuts through out all applications, making the navigation of the device even more natural and faster. We will only find out the details on September 9, so stay tuned.

World’s First Hydrogen Battery Charges Your iPhone for 7 Days

Imagine going a week without recharging your phone. British power technology firm Intelligent Energy has developed the world’s first hydrogen-powered battery that creates its own electricity by combining oxygen and hydrogen together with its own patented technology, at the expense of a small amount of heat and water vapor waste. The prototype is a built-in, rechargeable fuel cell that does not add to the size of your iPhone, and has the capacity to charge it for about seven days and can be refueled with hydrogen via its headphone socket. Complex reports on how Intelligent Energy is closely working with Apple for the product, which is currently only compatible with iPhone 6 models. Company executives are also still finalizing the battery’s retail price point.

Apple to Debut New Apple TV, iPhones & iPads September 9

The overhauled Apple TV — the first major update to the device since its 2012 introduction — is reportedly set for a release next month and now we can mark our calendars in with the exact date that it’ll debut. According to the always in-the-know John Paczkowski of BuzzFeed, Apple will hold its latest media event on Wednesday, September 9, unveiling the new Apple TV in the process. The event will also mark the debut of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, which will sport — among other features — Force Touch displays, A9 processors, faster LTE and improved cameras. Paczkowski also says that Apple will likely showcase its new iPads, although those may not include the long-rumored 12.9-inch “iPad Pro.”

Following the September 9 debut, pre-orders for the new devices will likely kick off that Friday, September 11 with an official release set for September 25. That late September release date also may mark the release of iOS 9 as the new devices will all come with the updated mobile operating system right out of the box.