This Unbelievably Charming Cafe In Florida Will Make You Feel Right At Home

When you’re looking for a good, home-cooked meal and friendly service, you can’t go wrong with a mom & pop restaurant. This Unbelievably Charming Cafe in Clearwater has perfect diner food and treats you like family. You’ll find it at 307 S. Myrtle Avenue, Clearwater.

Welcome to Tin Can Café, where hearty home style meals are prepared daily with fresh and quality ingredients.
Every meal is priced and designed to appeal to our diners, looking for a casual family friendly eating place.

The ingredients used for freshly prepared breakfast or lunch plates from carefully selected services that guarantee freshness & quality. Take our lettuce for example, which is delivered fresh daily.

Our restaurant receives fresh deliveries 6 days a week to ensure that your meals are always using the freshest ingredients.

The Tin CAN Cafe is a downtown area for a quick, homestyle breakfast. Popular options from the menu include the Angus Steak & Eggs breakfast, which, at less than  $8, is hard to beat at any chain diner or fast food restaurant. With large portions, and an extensive menu , this small, quaint breakfast and lunch diner is sure to remain a local favorite for years to come.

Our Homestyle Classics Breakfast
We’ve built a reputation by providing a delicious, filling, and affordable homestyle breakfast. It’s all here, The Eye Opener, 3-Egg Omelets, Quaker® oatmeal, Stacks of pancakes, waffles and so much more.
We know you love breakfast, So come on in and begin your day with a full breakfast of bacon and eggs, waffles, breads and pastries, fresh fruit and more.
View our Breakfast Menu

HomeStyle Lunch
What better way to break up the busy day than with a warm, satisfying homestyle lunch? Whether you’re in the mood for one of our Fresh Salads, a Hearty Knife & Fork Open Face Roast Beef, Turkey Sandwich, or one of our classic 1/2 lb. TinCan Burgers, The Tin Can Cafe is a sure bet for satisfying lunchtime hunger.

View our Lunch Menu

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50 Signs You’re A Coffee Addict

  1. You pregame coffee with coffee or other forms of caffeine.
  2. You were once seen shotgunning a Diet Coke outside of a café to prepare for drinking more coffee inside.
  3. You make it a rule to have coffee before any important coffee meeting, because you want to already be alert and perky in advance.
  4. You leave some of the coffee you drank before bed on your nightstand, just so you have coffee ready at the moment you wake up.
  5. You prefer to date other coffee drinkers because their mouth tastes like coffee.
  6. You have strongly considered hooking yourself up to an IV filled with coffee and carrying it around with you at all times.
  7. Your formula for making your own coffee is two bags of coffee per cup of water.
  8. You make your coffee so strong no one else will drink it and other people will actually beg you not to make coffee.
  9. You work at a soup kitchen not just because you want to help people but also because it’s an endless hook up for free coffee.
  10. You look at your expenses for the month and see that you spend more on coffee than clothing or food.
  11. You sneak coffee into bars, movie theaters and sometimes sex.
  12. You’ve ever taken a break during sex to “caff up.”
  13. You know what “caff up” means and can say it without laughing.
  14. You sometimes color coordinate your coffee thermos with what you are wearing that day.
  15. You openly judge others on their coffee orders and are vehemently anti-Frappucino.
  16. You drink Frappucinos anyway, when life gets desperate and you really need any caffeine.
  17. You like your coffee like you like your men. In any form you can get it.
  18. You have recurring sexual fantasies or sexual daydreams that involve coffee.
  19. You would marry coffee, if coffee were a person.
  20. You go to pick up coffee beans at the store to grind and a large number of them don’t make it back to your home, because you ate them.
  21. You learned how to brew your own coffee before you learned how to cook.
  22. You sing Harry Nilsson’s “Without You” at karaoke and mentally dedicate it to coffee.
  23. You have dated numerous baristas because of their proximity to free coffee.
  24. You would get turned on when your ex came home from work smelling of the brew.
  25. You have gotten a number of your friends addicted to coffee, because people who are around you always end up drinking it more often than they ever would elsewhere.
  26. You don’t believe in wasting coffee and have actually stopped others from pouring it out by shouting, “No coffee left behind!”
  27. You always tell waiters they can just “leave the pot.”
  28. You will probably put on your tombstone: “Keep it coming.”
  29. You plan to be buried with a to-go cup in your hand.
  30. You spend more time at the café closest to your house than you do at your apartment.
  31. You are on a first-name basis with most of the people that work at said café, their immediate family members, their children and their friends.
  32. You have your family, your chosen family and your “coffee family.”
  33. You don’t take cream in your coffee because it leaves less room for the coffee.
  34. You don’t believe in Americano because you would just prefer a cup full of espresso and started ordering red eyes so there will be no superfluous water in your cup.
  35. You don’t believe in Santa Claus; you believe in Juan Valdez.
  36. You can order a tall blonde with a red eye and know nothing bad is happening.
  37. You have named your mugs.
  38. You don’t remember what life before coffee was like.
  39. You plan on — if you ever win an Oscar — thanking coffee in your acceptance speech.
  40. You secretly don’t see the point of tea.
  41. You once tried to give up coffee and replaced caffeine with crying spontaneously.
  42. You once asked if you could order your coffee “by the barrel.” (They said no.)
  43. You know who the CEOs of Starbucks, Joffrey’s, Buddy Brew, Kahwa, Caribou Coffee and Intelligentsia are without looking.
  44. You are known to be a regular at multiple cafes.
  45. You know all of the banks in a ten-mile radius that leave out free coffee for their guests.
  46. You have strongly considered asking a barista to just pour the coffee directly in your mouth.
  47. You can’t get that addicted to smoking or alcohol, because you only have room for one addiction in your life.
  48. Your body is 80% coffee, 20% thinking about how to get more coffee.
  49. Your blood pressure is probably through the roof.
  50. You might have a problem.

Starbucks Releasing Bottled Cold Brew In July

Starbucks already offers a variety of bottled beverages for sale at grocery and convenience stores around the country. But if you’re looking for something a little less sweet than a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino, you don’t have a ton of options, until now. The coffee giant will begin selling bottles of its unsweetened cold brew at stores starting next month. 

Starbucks began shipping bottles of the cold brew to retailers earlier this month and expects the on-the-go drinks to be on shelves starting July 1.

Cold brew, the cool kid on the caffeinated block, is brewed slowly with coffee grounds that are steeped in cool water for an extended period of time — in Starbucks’ case, 20 hours.

Many consider cold-brewed coffees to be a smoother, less bitter drink than hot-brewed coffees, while packing a more caffeinated punch. Like traditional hot coffee, the drink also comes free of sweeteners and creams, as customers can add their own.

Starbucks first began offering cold brew in its coffee shops last July. More recently, the company announced it would add Nitro Cold Brew to the menu at 500 locations starting this summer.

Nitro Cold Brew infuses nitrogen in cold-brewed coffee, which gives it a “smooth and creamy sweetness,” the company said at the time, noting that the drink almost comes out looking like a Guinness beer.

Starbucks isn’t the only coffee shop to jump on the cold brew bandwagon. Dunkin’ Donuts announced this week that it would begin offering the beverage nationwide this summer, Fortune reports.

To begin with, the drink will be available in restaurants in New York and Los Angeles on June 27. More areas will sell the drink throughout the summer. Dunkin’ says the cold brew will be served each day in small batches while supplies last.

Cuban Coffee Returning to the U.S. for First Time in Half a Century, But Only For Nespresso Brewers

Nestle SA’s Nespresso says it will become the first company to import coffee from Cuba to the United States in more than 50 years amid smoothing trade relations between the Cold War adversaries.

The U.S. State Department in April added coffee and other products to its list of eligible imports produced by independent Cuban entrepreneurs.

That regulatory change cleared the way for Nespresso to begin U.S. sales of Cafecito de Cuba, a premium espresso roast for its home brewers, this autumn, the company said on Monday.

Initially available in limited quantities, Cafecito de Cuba aims to deliver on Nespresso’s mission to deliver “exclusive, unique coffee experiences,” Guillaume Le Cunff, Nespresso USA president, said.

Nespresso also is partnering with nonprofit TechnoServe, to support independent coffee farmers on the Caribbean island.

“We want consumers in the U.S. to experience this incredible coffee and to enjoy it now and for years to come,” said Le Cunff, who aims to forge long-term relationships with Cuban producers.

Cuba harvests about 100,000 60-kg bags of arabica coffee annually, according to International Coffee Organization (ICO) data. While that is about five times the annual production of Jamaica, it is just a fraction of this year’s expected 13.5 million bag harvest from Colombia, the world’s biggest grower of high-quality washed arabica coffee.

Nespresso sells brewing machines and single-use coffee capsules. Its flagship espresso maker dominates the market in Europe, where such drinks are preferred, but trails Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ Keurig system in the United States.

Nespresso competes with a bevy of other global brands for sought-after beans. Those rivals include Starbucks Corp , which told Reuters it has “no plans to import coffee from Cuba at this time.”

The United States imposed trade restrictions on Cuba in 1960, after the government of revolutionary leader Fidel Castro seized private land, nationalized scores of private companies and imposed heavy taxes on U.S. imports. President John F. Kennedy issued a permanent embargo in 1962.

President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro stunned the world in December 2014 by abruptly announcing that the countries would move to restore diplomatic relations.

Starbucks’ First Express Format Store Streamlines the Cafe Experience

Opening on Wall Street is Starbucks‘ first express format store, which does away with extraneous spaces for sitting down and working or socializing, instead boiling down the Starbucks experience down to its most espresso-like form: you, the cashier, and the coffee. Only a miniscule 538 square feet, the new space was designed by the Starbucks in-house design team, with the interior clad in long wooden slats that guide you towards the cashier and kitchen at the back of the store, but not before being greeted by a staff member who first takes your order with a tablet device. Designed to have customers in and out of the store in the most efficient manner possible whilst maintaining an experience of high design, the store will act as a pilot project for four more express format stores slated to be opened in New York City within this year.


Signs That You’re Actually in a Relationship With Coffee

1. Your idea of a perfect date is just you, a cup of coffee (with a full pot on standby), and a good book.

2. It’s the first thing you think about every morning. The only thing that convinces you to get out of bed is the beautiful coffee aroma that wafts into your room every morning. You would take that smell over sweet nothings whispered in your ear any day of the week.

3. You think it’s beautiful at all hours of the day, no matter what it looks like. Hot, iced, latte, black, any form it chooses to take, you love it just as it is.

4. If you ever had to choose between the boyfriend/girlfriend and coffee, you would choose the coffee. A life without coffee is no life at all.

5. You spend all of your extra money on it. Oh my gosh, this mug would look great around my Morning Joe. I should really upgrade my grinder to make sure my coffee is getting the absolute best treatment…

6. You can’t imagine a future without it. It’s always been there for you; it will always be there for you. Your life will always include coffee. Always.

7. It’s constantly on your mind. Constantly. Where’s the closest coffee shop? Do I have time to go grab a cup? What kind should I get? Oh god, I miss it…

8. You only want to go places if you know coffee will be there. Every event invitation you get is immediately followed by the question, “But will they be serving coffee as well?”

9. It’s always your first priority. If you’ve got a to-do list that includes: grab a cup of coffee, pick Mom up from the airport, and save a cat from a tree, you’re grabbing that cup of coffee first.

10. You ache when you’re apart for too long…. Ok, so this might just be a sign of addiction withdrawal. But really, when you’re crazy about someone, don’t you kind of feel addicted to their presence? I’m counting it. It’s not a problem.

11. Ninety-percent of your Instagram includes pictures of you with your coffee.

12. You feel more comfortable when it’s around. There’s just something about walking around with a mug full of coffee that just puts you at ease. You can talk with people without having to worry about what you’re doing with your hands; it’s great!

13. It’s one of the few things that’s guaranteed to cheer you up on a bad day. It gives you that welcome kick to get through every other obstacle in your day, and no matter how poorly the day’s been going, it’s impossible for you to feel sad when you’re sipping on pure happiness.

14. When you clicked on this article, you took a moment to gaze at the coffee picture, and thought, God damn, that’s beautiful. I should go get some coffee.