Spotify and AccuWeather Team Up To Find out What Music You Listen Under Different Climate Conditions

Climatune is Spotify and AccuWeather’s new joint project that offers weather-based, location-specific music listening data. The new website creates playlists based on weather and listening data compiled over a year-long period from 85 billion anonymous streams on Spotify in over 90 countries. Not only useful for curating playlists around climate conditions, Climatune also reveals some pretty interesting factoids, allowing users to track how moods and audio attributes change during weather shifts. Apart from telling us what we probably already know — i.e. “Sunny day moods trended towards ‘Yearning,’ ‘Excited,’ and ‘Empowering’” — the platform reveals that on rainy days, NYC and Philadelphia are the most musically-affected cities, that Detroit opts for throwback songs like “Sk8r Boi” and “Bittersweet Symphony,” and Perth prefers moodier tunes such as Gorillaz’s “Feel Good Inc.” and a song from Hans Zimmer’s Inception soundtrack. You can learn more about Climatune here and read more of the Spotify x AccuWeather study on how weather affects music listening here.