‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Viral Video Looks Back on 20 Alien-Free Years of Peace

Thanks to some combination of ingenious timing and sheer happenstance, the long-awaited sequel to Independence Day is set to arrive in June, almost exactly two decades after the original introduced the world to an alien-punching Will Smith. Officially titled Independence Day: Resurgence, this chapter in the history of Earth’s imminent destruction features absolutely zero Will Smith but apparently plenty of Jeff Goldblum.

But how has the planet been holding up in the years since the intergalactic war of 1996? According to this obviously fake United World News report, there’s no such thing as an opportune time to be violently invaded by extraterrestrial beings.

“As you know, it’s taken a huge effort to get a big military base on the moon,” Goldblum says. The quick 5-minute catch-up session also reveals that people are still stoked on President Whitmore (Bill Pullman)’s amazing speech inspired by the war of ’96, which makes perfect sense considering it’s a confirmed banger.

Independence Day: Resurgence hits theaters on June 24, effectively ending the 20 years of peace celebrated above. Goldblum and Hemsworth will be joined by Sela Ward, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Brent Spiner, Bill Pullman, Vivica A. Fox, Judd Hirsch, and some presumably angry aliens.

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Samuel L. Jackson Fights Off Zombie Killers in Stephen King’s ‘Cell’ Trailer

Stephen King’s apocalyptic horror novel Cell was published 10 years ago, but had it taken place in 2016, we would all be screwed. “Don’t use your cell phone,” an out-of-breath John Cusack warns people in the trailer, and it’s the main survival tip for the latest King adaptation. Basically, the premise of the story is: Pick up your cell phone, and you turn into a zombiefied killing machine. Yup. And you thought brain cancer was bad.

Years ago, Eli Roth was attached to direct the project for a tentative 2009 release, but that never happened. It was announced in 2012 that Cusack would portray Clayton Riddell in the current version of the film, from director Tod Williams (Paranormal Activity 2). Samuel L. Jackson—who rarely puts up with this kind of fuckshit—stars in the upcoming horror film as a man trying to survive the mysterious broadcast turning everyone into rabid killers. Meanwhile John Cusack is out here trying to reunite with his son during these dire times. Jackson and Cusack are no strangers to each other or a Stephen King movie; the two appeared in the King adaptation 1408 in 2007.

Cell is out on VOD on June 10 and then gets a theatrical release on July 8. Dare to dial in?

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‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ Trailer #2 Starring Johnny Depp & Mia Wasikowska

Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska and Helena Bonham Carter reprise their roles as the Mad Hatter, Alice and the Red Queen in upcoming film Alice Through the Looking Glass, which comes based off of Lewis Carroll’s twisted children’s tale of the same name. Alice wakes up to find herself in a mental asylum and runs away, only to accidentally stumble back into the whimsical world of Wonderland where the evil villain Time (played by Sacha Baron Cohen) is causing temporal chaos, threatening the Mad Hatter’s life. Anne Hathaway also joins the cast as the White Queen, while the late Alan Rickman will be featured as the voice of Absolem the Caterpillar.

With new director James Bobin at the helm and Tim Burton on board as producer, the film should be a slight departure from the previous Burton-directed Alice in Wonderland from 2010. Watch the new trailer above and catch the first one here. Alice Through the Looking Glass hits theaters on May 27.

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The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Trailer Is Finally Here

After months upon months of relentlessly trolling its most dedicated fans, HBO has unveiled the first proper trailer for Game of Thrones’ presumably maddening sixth season. As hinted by (former?) Thrones star Kit Harington in a series of recent post-death (?) interviews, the latest batch of ice and fire promises to lift the audience’s broken spirits only to most likely destroy them again by the end of the season.

“I’m not in the show anymore,” Harington told Time Out London last week of Jon Snow’s Thrones fate. “I’m definitely not in the new series.” However, in the same interview, Harington described his recent visit to the Thrones set to film some alleged corpse sequences as “some of [his] best work.” Given the whole post-Snow vibe of this trailer, HBO isn’t keen on divulging the status (ghost?) of its most-mourned casualty just yet. “He’s gone,” a familiar voice tells the audience, though no one really believes that.

“Season 5 was such that I was just really moved by it all, and in that respect, it’s something that you can never give a short shrift to any of the moments,” Game of Thrones director David Nutter told Deadline last June after that soul-crushing finale. According to Nutter, the only true way to direct an inevitably picked-apart-by-critics episode of Game of Thrones is to “pour my heart and soul into everything.” No complaints there, David Nutter.

Game of Thrones, in a move that now places it ahead of the books by George R.R. Martin, unveils the first episode of its sixth season on April 24.

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‘The Adderall Diaries’ Official Trailer

Explore the thrilling world of The Adderall Diaries as a successful writer confronts a past that he can’t seem to fully remember. Highlighted by a troubled relationship with his father, Stephen Elliott (played by James Franco) isn’t able to celebrate his recent book release success as he faces substance abuse, writer’s block and more. Along with taking on the task of writing a new project, Elliott realizes that his childhood may contribute to his current problems. The Adderall Diaries will officially hit theaters on April 15.

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New ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Trailer Gives Us Our First Look at Olivia Munn’s Psylocke

Jason Bourne wasn’t the only hot trailer during the Super Bowl: 20th Century Fox also gave us another look into the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse film. While footage has already been around for a bit for this newest chapter, the new trailer gives us a clean look at the much-anticipated Psylocke character, played by the luscious Olivia Munn. Other characters that make an appearance include Angel, Storm, Cyclops and even the first appearance in this universe of young Jean Grey, played by Game of Thrones‘ Sophie Turner. Check out the trailer above and await Apocalypse to arrive May 27.

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‘Finding Nemo’ Sequel ‘Finding Dory’ Drops Its First Trailer

Remember Pixar’s Finding Nemo​ about a lost clown fish with a bunk fin who gets separated from his dad and nearly murdered by a sadist adolescent in braces? America’s favorite daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres—who played the voice of Nemo’s forgetful sidekick—just dropped the trailer for the sequel, Finding Dory, and honestly it looks pretty great. (The first installment received a near-perfect 99 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes; we also included it on our list of 50 best animated movies of all time.)

Dory, you may or may not remember from watching Nemo, is a Pacific Blue Tang with a severe (and if we’re being honest kind of sad) case of short-term memory loss. In the new flick she’ll take center stage. Those who saw the first film will recall she’s been separated from her family for an undisclosed period of time and naturally cannot remember where they are (or for that matter, if they even exist).

So based on what the trailer has hinted at, Dory’s memory seems to have taken a turn for the better and dropped some breadcrumbs about where they may be. It appears Dory’s “sleep-swimming” has unlocked something to help her find her fam.

This all looks very heartwarming and you should probably make plans to take your kid, niece, nephew, or whomever else you can feign a favor for to see it in theaters yourself. Check out the trailer below.

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Netflix Adds 5-Minute Videos For Kids To Give Parents A Bedtime Bargaining Tool

If you’re a parent, you probably face bedtime with a grim determination to stick to your guns, stay firm and get that kid tucked in and the lights out when you say so. Not as easy as it sounds, as many of you likely know: kids are wily adversaries, armed with a seemingly endless arsenal of excuses and a knack for bargaining. Netflix wants to help parents compromise with their tiny foes, launching a collection of five-minute bedtime videos.

To give parents a bargaining tool, Netflix is offering a new series of five-minute videos called Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites. The idea here, it seems, is that agreeing to “just one more!” episode of your kids’ favorite show will only push bedtime back by five minutes, instead of the 20 or so minutes of a traditional TV show.

Netflix trots out some figures from a recent survey of 7,000 parents from seven different countries to support the idea that kids are skilled manipulators at bedtime: 61% of parents experience kids who try to stall bedtime. Of those, 79% of parents are willing to compromise, spending up to 20 minutes a night trying to make a deal with their offspring. American kids turned out to be the most likely to try to delay bedtime through creative tactics. Shocking.

Of course, there will always be those kids who then just demand to watch the same five-minute videos over and over again, which is nothing new in the YouTube era. “Just one more cat video, Mom!PLEASE.”

Science Seems to Agree That Being Short Actually Makes You More Depressed

Though plenty of people could easily spend the first paragraph of a story on shortness delivering one ill-advised pun after another, let’s not do that here. The truth is, without question, that living in a world that’s mostly tailor-made for taller people certainly presents a series of complications for anyone below the average American male height of “just over” 5’9”. In fact, according to a comprehensive exploration of various studies on the impact of height on one’s susceptibility to depression (specifically for males) by VICE’s Justin Caffier, being short actually presents a very real problem for many people all across the country.

A recent study at Camp Pendleton revealed an increased risk for depression in military men standing 5’8” or below, a fact likely spurred by the “physical demands” of a military career. “When people find themselves outliers for reasons beyond their control, like physical attributes, they face a challenge in addition to all of the challenges average people face,” Valery Krupnik, clinician at the center of the study, told LiveScience in 2014.

The impact of height on non-military individuals reveals the same pattern of emotional difficulty, with those falling below the aforementioned average height of 5’9” facing a wide range of potential setbacks including “career prospects” and “dating partners,” with Oxford University clinical psychologist Daniel Freeman going as far as saying that “greater height” is associated with a “slightly lower” risk of suicide. According to a Swedish study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, this risk of suicide actually goes down nine percent for every two-inch increase in height.

“Across the board in scientific study, height has an association with various markers of success and happiness,” reaffirms Freeman, adding that the association, though noticeable, might actually be considered somewhat small in the grand scheme of existence. “It is obvious that you can have great success whatever your height. It’s just that greater height confers a bit of an advantage.”

Ride of the Week: The Lexus Fully-Functional Cardboard Car

To celebrate the skills of its craftspeople, Lexus has created a full-size, drivable cardboard replica of its IS sedan using 1,700 sheets of precision-cut cardboard. Each 10mm thick, the cardboard sheets had to be glued together by hand in sequence with a water-based wood glue, taking 10 minutes to set every time. The project was carried out by LaserCut Works and Scales and Models using a digital 3D model of the sedan provided by Lexus, and took a total of three months to assemble. The cardboard replica was then mounted atop a steel and aluminum frame with an attached electric motor, thus allowing the car to be driven. Catch the Lexus IS origami replica at the NEC in Birmingham, England, but in the meantime, see the car in action and learn about the design process in the video below.

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