Here Are 25 Disney Secrets Everyone Should Know

Disney World’s Magic Kingdom attracts more than 18 million tourists every year–more than any other theme park in the world. Add in the numbers from its other parks, and Disney seems to approach world domination. Although visiting Disney World is definitely a touristy thing to do, most Florida families like to take advantage of the proximity to The Most Magical Place on Earth. Thus, many residents become die-hard Disney fans.

The Magic Kingdom is divided into six distinct areas (lands), arranged in a spoke-like formation, all meeting at the top of Main Street U.S.A. right in front of Cinderella Castle. The six lands consist of Main Street USATomorrowlandFantasylandFrontierland, Liberty Squareand Adventureland. Each land is themed to its appropriate title and maintaining that theme is paramount to the parks operation. A vast network of underground tunnels connect all sections of the Magic Kingdom, thus preventing guests from seeing any of the necessary “behind the scenes” operations, and preventing cast members from one land from having to walk through another. Well, that was the original idea anyway – recent changes to park policy now allow cast members to walk freely through the park in whatever outfit they happen to be wearing.

The Magic Kingdom contains some real “don’t miss” attractions, depending on what age bracket you fall in.  One of this park’s strengths is the cross-generational appeal of many of its better attractions.  Splash Mountain is a good example.  It’s not unusual to see three generations of family members riding together.  Other favorites like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train,Jungle CruisePirates of the Caribbean, and Haunted Mansion offer similar appeal to a wide range of visitors.

This video, (though it’s not just about Disney World,) has some really cool facts about our parks. You’ll be looking for this stuff everywhere the next time you visit!


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Hulu Is Working on a Live-Streaming Television Service

We may soon have another live-streaming television service to choose from as Hulu is apparently looking to get in on the action. Intended as a competitor to the traditional pay-TV providers, Hulu’s new venture would operate much like Sling TV and Sony’s PlayStation Vue and offer content at a monthly price of around $40 USD. And since it’s conveniently owned by the likes of Disney and Fox, you can bet that the likes of ABC, ESPN and FX will all be available. Somewhat odd, however, is the fact that NBCUniversal — another part-owner of Hulu and one of the more reluctant entries into the world of streaming television (probably because it’s owned by traditional cable provider Comcast) — probably won’t be participating. On the plus side, however, the service will probably offer an online DVR system, as well as on-demand access to old episodes of some shows (a la Hulu as it currently exists).

The new Hulu service is expected to be available as early as next year.