Suunto’s Spartan is the Smartwatch for the Fitness and Outdoor Obsessed

Suunto’s next generation sport watch just landed and its a merging of their outdoor watch expertise with smartwatch technology. From cycling to running, the watch is perfect for a multitude of athletic disciplines and built-in GPS, compass, and navigation make for the perfect smartwatch for outdoor exploration. No compromises have been made to build quality either, the watch is everything you’d expect in a Suunto with a outdoor-proof touchscreen, titanium bezel, sapphire crystal, and Bluetooth connectivity. The watch will come in four styles and will launch next month.

Never Check the Surf Report Again With The Nixon Unit Tide Watch

For surfers, determining the right time to paddle out is part of the never-ending quest to finding the perfect wave. And for those who aren’t aware, tide swings and depths play a significant role in wave quality, either increasing your chances of scoring or once again leaving you skunked out in the lineup.

Luckily Nixon feels this pain and, thanks to their Unit Tide watches, looks to ease in the struggles of surf prediction. Their waterman-inspired design features a large graph on the face displaying current tide conditions and 48 hours of past and future tidal swings. This perk isn’t just for your local break either. Its custom digital module provides pre-programmed tide info for 270 beaches worldwide through the year 2023. The Unit Tide also boasts style in addition to surf appeal with an aluminum dial ring for color and a large 45mm case with a free swing band. And don’t forget the polycarbonate case, silicone bezel, and molded silicone band locking looper for enhanced durability and comfort, especially when chasing that endless summer. Prices start at $120.

Not Even Millionaires Can Buy This Beautiful New Rolex

When Rolex introduced a beautiful new update of the iconic Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona back in March, it was always expected to generate waiting lists around the world. But with the vintage watch market having exploded of late, combined with the Rolex Daytona’s immense popularity, the watch has become almost impossible to purchase.

The bezel on this newer model features Cerachrom, a proprietary material that’s corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant, boasting a deep black color that won’t fade. Naturally, orders for the watch shifted quicker than a swipe of a black card.

The problem is that Rolex is making them in such limited amounts that even people who can afford way more than the $12,400 cost have had to join the queue. Which means that the retailers selling these coveted watches are having to be more selective when it comes to choosing buyers than perhaps ever before. In fact, the The New York Times reports that if you join the waiting list now, you’re looking at a two to five-year wait.

In essence, unless you’re super connected, rich enough to tempt a current owner, or a professional jewel thief – you can forget about it.


The Next Apple Watch Might Have Cellular Data

Apple debuted the Apple Watch almost exactly a year ago to much fanfare. However, the device continues to be derided by critics despite it being a popular item for Apple with impressive sales numbers — in its first year, Apple sold nearly twice as many Apple Watches as iPhones. Speculators posit that the next iteration will include a faster processor and cellular connectivity, according to The Wall Street Journal. Apple is reportedly working hard at amending these shortcomings, given the fact that competitors have long offered smartwatches that could function and stand on their own, as opposed to the Apple Watch which must be tethered to an iPhone to function. Expect more news in the coming weeks, with Apple likely to unveil the next-generation Watch at its WWDC event from June 13-17.

The Shock Clock Band Will Make You a Morning Person by Electric Shocking You

If you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, this device might be for you. The Shock Clock is touted to be “the first device that uses effective, tested sensory inputs to wake you up and keep you alert.” What that means is that the band uses vibrations, beeps and electric shocks to get you up and going. Eventually, the conditioning will train your brain and body to wake up naturally without making you feel tired or irritated in the morning.

Learn more about the device here, and support its Indiegogo campaign here.

Apple Watch Can Now Be Reserved Online and Picked Up in Stores

Apple will finally start selling its Apple Watch in retail stores later this month, but if you’re desperate to pick up the timepiece, there’s now another ordering method to consider. The company is rolling out a “Reserve & Pickup” system which allows you to choose a Watch online and, as the name implies, ultimately buy and collect your order in store. It’s a departure from the current appointment system, which requires that you order on the web — even if you’ve just handled the device in a shop. Instead of waiting for the mailman to deliver your Watch, you can now choose an almost immediate booking at your nearest store and walk out with the hardware sharpish. As 9to5Mac reports, the option is already live in the UK, China and Australia, and we expect other countries will follow later today. It seems Apple is finally starting to catch up with its pre-order backlog from May.

Apple Watch Finally Arrives at Apple Stores in Two Weeks

Apple says the Watch will finally hit its US retail stores in two weeks, and it expects to clear up most of its May pre-order backlog by then, as well. The wearable is also coming to seven more countries starting June 26th, namely Italy, Mexico, Spain, Taiwan, Singapore, Switzerland and South Korea. Folks there will also be able to grab it at Apple’s online and retail stores, along with other select upscale outlets. The news is a pretty good sign that Apple is beginning to clear its order backlog, though it emphasized that demand had “surpassed our expectations.”

When pre-orders started in April, customers that didn’t nab one tout de suite saw delivery times slipping to June and later. Despite that, some pundits speculated that Watch sales hadn’t met expectations, even though Apple didn’t release any figures to back that up. What we do know is that if you ordered the Watch early on and still haven’t received it, the longest you’ll now have to wait now is two weeks. (The only exception is the 42mm stainless steel model in black, which will take an additional two weeks to ship.) If you’re hoping to head to an Apple Store and buy one off the rack soon, though, beware that Apple said only “some” models will be available.

Omega Debuts Seamaster Diver 300m ETNZ for the 35th America’s Cup

Omega has unveiled a new Seamaster 300m timepiece to celebrate its association with both The America’s Cup yacht race and ETNZ, the Emirates backed New Zealand yacht team who will compete in the 35th installment of the aforementioned race. With a case made of brushed titanium and black ceramic, a rubber strap with folding buckle and a chronograph feature, that ensures the watch can be considered a yachting timepiece, this particular rendition of the Seamaster 300m is a fitting robust tribute to a famous old race. For more information and to find out where you can buy the watch visit Omega’s official website.


Rolex Releases “I Love You” Watch for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, luxury watch customizer Bamford Watch Department unveils a love-themed personalization on the iconic Milgauss model from Rolex. Gifting a Rolex to your loved one would already make a statement, but for those who want to take it to the next level this “I Love You” piece is guaranteed to melt anyone’s heart. Featuring a unique red and black polka dot dial design with red hearts taking the place of the numbering, the stunning piece is treated with BWD’s military graded titanium coating for a scratch-resistant surface. Look for this limited edition Valentine-themed Milgauss timepiece now, available exclusively from Bamford Watch Department.

Swag: Hublot Spirit of Big Bang “All Black”

SIHH is on in Geneva, Switzerland at the moment and as usual the Swiss watchmakers present their most exciting upcoming releases. Our favorite announcement from Hublot is the Spirit of Big Bang “All Black” model pictured above. It fully embodies the spirit of BIG BANG, translating the design language and elements of the popular watch series into a tonneau case. The fusion of the two works really well and the result is a sporty, yet elegant new watch.

The new Hublot Spirit of Big Bang “All Black” will release in a limited edition of only 500 watches.