This Year’s Super Bowl Will Feature New Player’s Eye Camera View

When FOX airs Super Bowl LI on February 5, the game will feature a never-before-seen camera angle that sees the field only as the players can. Instead of mounting cameras on the helmets of participating players, FOX will use Intel’s 360 Replay technology and its large collection of cameras around the stadium to generate a point-of-view perspective from any player on the field.

“We tasked Intel to push their amazing Intel 360 Replay technology to the limit of what it could do, using their array of cameras circling the stadium to synthesize a player’s view on the field,” said Michael Davies, FOX Sports SVP of Field & Technical Operations. “The cameras, backed up by a huge bank of Intel computing power, allow a moment to be recreated in 3D space, so that a ‘virtual camera; can be placed at the player;s eye line — not unlike how limitless camera views can be created in video games.”

Earlier this year, FOX Sports teamed with GoPro to offer a first-ever POV camera from the hat of referees working the Big Ten Championship Game. Only time will tell if we see this same feature on the helmets of NFL players.

[youtube id=”N9SxFf5WCb0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

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