Connects Tampa Bay Area Residents with Top Fitness & Wellness Professionals

In a launch timed perfectly for the new year, Training in the Bay went live, and experts say that the Tampa Bay fitness scene has never been more accessible. The website, which makes it easier for locals to discover health resources based on their locations and interests, is designed to offer a superior solution for those trying to stay in shape. It also has substantial potential to bolster the region’s thriving fitness business ecosystem.

Training in the Bay differentiates itself from other fitness resources by offering something for everyone. The platform is the brainchild of noted Internet marketer Julian Hooks, whose expertise extends well beyond the domain of fitness and health. He decided to apply his extensive knowledge of SEO, content marketing and social media to a noble task by helping the communities he loves stay healthier.

“Residents of the Tampa Bay, St. Pete and Clearwater areas no longer have to search forever to find businesses that cater to their individual health and fitness demands, ” Hooks says. “Even better, the audiences that businesses reach through our site are already receptive to their message, so they don’t have to work quite as hard to wade through potentially uninterested consumers.”

According to insiders, the Training in the Bay platform is also novel because it caters specifically to the region’s growing population of health enthusiasts. Clearly designed for ease of use, the well-organized website lets users search for their chosen fitness venues, such as gyms, boot camps or yoga studios, without having to go through logins or ads. Alternatively, they can explore the map views to discover what kinds of things are close to their favorite neighborhoods and haunts. The site also features a review system that makes it easier for users to hone their searches, and it routinely hosts blogs and articles written by experts who offer unique insights on relevant topics, such as nutrition, healthy weight control and training motivation.

Training in the Bay also offers regional businesses a chance to do far more than they could with other directories. Companies can tailor their listings to highlight the kinds of services that they specialize in, which grants them unmatched power to engage in highly targeted outreach without seeming overly aggressive. They can also customize the HTML code on their listing pages to incorporate videos, music, images and other media. Observers say that the ability to create and maintain up-to-date information that reflects ongoing promotions and offerings gives gyms, individual trainers and other enterprises more power to harmonize their branding efforts.

Like individual users, businesses benefit from unhindered access to a straightforward platform. Companies can either claim existing listings associated with their locations or upload their own, and the platform allows them to add details like contact information, operating hours and areas of specialization. Training in the Bay is designed to reward marketers and owners that use it for engagement. Those that provide more information make their businesses far easier for the public to find and have fulfilling interactions with.

Being active on Training in the Bay is sure to prove rewarding for companies and regular Tampa Bay citizens alike. Fitness and health providers get the chance to promote themselves and spread awareness while exposing their existing marketing assets, like YouTube and Instagram content, to broader audiences. Consumers gain novel resources that help them not only stay healthy but also link up with their like-minded peers.

Will Training in the Bay help more people stick to their New Year’s fitness resolutions? Although it’s ultimately up to each individual, the platform is well-poised to bring lofty goals within closer reach for many Floridians. Hooks’ own love of fitness and proven internet marketing expertise appear to be the ideal combination for helping people start off 2017 right and keep up their good habits for years to come.

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