This Unbelievably Charming Cafe In Florida Will Make You Feel Right At Home

When you’re looking for a good, home-cooked meal and friendly service, you can’t go wrong with a mom & pop restaurant. This Unbelievably Charming Cafe in Clearwater has perfect diner food and treats you like family. You’ll find it at 307 S. Myrtle Avenue, Clearwater.

Welcome to Tin Can Café, where hearty home style meals are prepared daily with fresh and quality ingredients.
Every meal is priced and designed to appeal to our diners, looking for a casual family friendly eating place.

The ingredients used for freshly prepared breakfast or lunch plates from carefully selected services that guarantee freshness & quality. Take our lettuce for example, which is delivered fresh daily.

Our restaurant receives fresh deliveries 6 days a week to ensure that your meals are always using the freshest ingredients.

The Tin CAN Cafe is a downtown area for a quick, homestyle breakfast. Popular options from the menu include the Angus Steak & Eggs breakfast, which, at less than  $8, is hard to beat at any chain diner or fast food restaurant. With large portions, and an extensive menu , this small, quaint breakfast and lunch diner is sure to remain a local favorite for years to come.

Our Homestyle Classics Breakfast
We’ve built a reputation by providing a delicious, filling, and affordable homestyle breakfast. It’s all here, The Eye Opener, 3-Egg Omelets, Quaker® oatmeal, Stacks of pancakes, waffles and so much more.
We know you love breakfast, So come on in and begin your day with a full breakfast of bacon and eggs, waffles, breads and pastries, fresh fruit and more.
View our Breakfast Menu

HomeStyle Lunch
What better way to break up the busy day than with a warm, satisfying homestyle lunch? Whether you’re in the mood for one of our Fresh Salads, a Hearty Knife & Fork Open Face Roast Beef, Turkey Sandwich, or one of our classic 1/2 lb. TinCan Burgers, The Tin Can Cafe is a sure bet for satisfying lunchtime hunger.

View our Lunch Menu

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